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Resonance Help Center

  • Logo Design Overview
    Great customer service and quality products are truly what make a brand stand out - but your logo is how they remember you. The right look for your company can go a long way with resonating with your customer base. We love helping clients bring their vision to life. Our expert designers look forward to helping you get the perfect logo to fit your company. With that said, we do more than just company logos! Bands, podcasts, streamers, etc. If you need a logo for any project, Resonance is here to help.
  • Print Materials Overview
    Maintaining brand consistency across printed products is an incredibly important part of a business's marketing strategy. Resonance can not only help design your printed products, but we'll produce them as well. Let us handle all your: Business Cards Brochures Posters Menus Magnets Postcards Stickers Coasters Calendars Envelopes Event Tickets Banners ID Badges Invitation Cards Flyers Booklets Yard Signs Pocket Folders Notepads Catalogs
  • Photography Overview
    People shop with their eyes. Whether you're selling organic soap or a good burger, the better your product looks, the more it'll sell. The same goes for services. The right photos can show off the quality work of any service provider. Whether you need headshots of your team, food photos for your restaurant's menu, or promotional content for social media, Resonance can help.
  • Videography Overview
    Video content is king on most digital platforms. Resonance's video experts will shoot and produce any video you need. From short product promos, job training videos, and social media content to television commercials, in-store display content, event coverage, and hiring promos, we can help you build content that makes an impact.
  • Event Coverage Overview
    An extension of our photography, videography, and social media services - the Resonance team is equipped to cover any event from a digital media standpoint. If your fair, trade show, concert, parade, grand opening, award ceremony, or sporting event needs photography, videography, or live-posting social media, we're ready and willing to help. Our team has driven tens of thousands of dollars in ticket sales, event merchandise, and sponsorship revenue. Event marketing is one of our specialties, and we'd love to help you with yours. Click below to view other relevant event services: Apparel/Merchandise Development Website Development Sponsorship Opportunities Public Relations Radio Ads
  • Email Marketing Overview
    Email remains one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Whether you're a retail store keeping up with your customers or a B2B service provider seeking new clients, the right email content at the right time can make all the difference. Resonance can help write and design your email content as well as oversee delivery. We can even help develop B2B contact lists with our research team.
  • Content Writing Overview
    Marketing is all about storytelling. Whether you need to spruce up your website copy, sales materials, social media content, blog articles, radio scripts, newsletter, or any other written material, we can help. The Resonance team includes former award-winning journalists and seasoned social media content producers. Among other things, writing is primarily what we do.
  • Website Mobile Optimization Overview
    If your website isn't currently optimized for mobile viewing, you're missing out on a large portion of your potential customers. The vast majority of internet users are browsing on mobile devices rather than laptops and PCs. All websites created by Resonance are optimized for mobile viewing - streamlining the user experience to help achieve the end goal (purchase, subscription, inquiry, etc.).
  • Social Media Page Optimization
    Whether you need help creating your social media accounts or have already created them but need help optimizing, Resonance's social media specialists can help you get the most out of some of the digital world's top tools. Certain platforms allow for the sale of products, promotion of special offers, and other unique content opportunities that your business can take advantage of. We'll help you find the right online resources to promote your products/services.
  • Website Development Overview
    Your company website is your business's anchor for all other digital activity. No matter your industry, a clean, user-friendly website highlighting your products, services, company story, team, careers, you name it, can set you apart from your competitors. Our team has helped restaurants navigate uncertainty throughout the pandemic with online ordering solutions, helped drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in event ticket sales revenue for entertainment companies, and helped retail stores of all shapes and sizes sell their products digitally.
  • Correspondence Management Overview
    Whether on social media, Google, or through your website, leads and inquiries come from all corners of the digital world, and not every business has the staff or the experience to catch them as they come in. Not to mention, time is of the essence when it comes to responding to online inquiries, not only to provide good customer service, but slow response times often appear publicly as a negative metric on some social media platforms. The Resonance team understands that marketing and customer service go hand-in-hand. Most marketing platforms also serve as customer service platforms whether a business wants it that way or not. We can help be the "first responders" to these leads and inquiries, streamlining your incoming messages into one reporting process and ensuring that your customers feel cared for and tended to.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities Overview
    Whether your business is entertainment focused and attracts a significant customer base, or your little league is selling outfield wall signage to raise funds, Resonance understands that selling promotional opportunities can be a major revenue stream for any event-based business or organization. We can help you strategize, develop, sell, and fulfill your sponsorship opportunities. The right ideas paired with the right sales material can drive significant sponsorship sales income.
  • Paid Digital Ad Management Overview
    Whether on social media platforms or search engines, a sturdy paid ad strategy can help your business reach thousands if not millions of new potential customers. Our digital marketing specialists can help craft or optimize your ad strategies, oversee your budget implementation, and analyze all available metrics to ensure you're getting the most out of your paid digital platforms. Resonance's team has helped clients reach millions of users, cultivate thousands of followers, and most importantly, generate trackable revenue through effective paid ad strategy.
  • Public Relations Management Overview
    Sometimes a public message, no matter how it's delivered, is necessary to address a change, update, new product, or other company announcement. Resonance's team of accomplished writers can help craft any official press releases, oversee their delivery, and help connect your business with a variety of media entities for additional exposure opportunities.
  • Organic Social Media Posting Overview
    No matter the platform, a consistent organic posting strategy is key to developing a rapport and building engagement with your followers. If it's been a while since your Facebook page has seen some love, Resonance can help dust it off and get it up and running. We've helped clients oversee their social media strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.
  • Billboard/Signage Overview
    There's something tried and true about billboard advertising. Despite the general shift into a digital world, billboards remain an effective advertising platform. Resonance can help you find the right location(s), design your ad, and coordinate fulfillment. Looking for signage at your business's location? We can help with that too.
  • Social Media Content Design Overview
    Whether for organic or paid posting, keeping brand consistency across engaging social media strategies and multiple platforms requires top-quality content. Our design experts have helped develop social media content that has driven sales, account growth, and even hiring efforts.
  • Television Ads Overview
    From filming to production to market strategy to ad purchasing, Resonance can help you navigate your full television commercial project(s). Through partnerships with local stations and years of experience in ad positioning and purchasing, we're equipped to help develop and implement TV ad strategies at a price that's less than you might think.
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